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Monday, 3 March 2014

Calibration of all Meters / Industrial Instruments in Doha, Qatar


         We are the Pioneers in Calibration Calibration Services / Instrumentation in Doha, Qatar. We Measure, Test & Calibrate all Industrial Meters to improve Quality and Productivity of the Companies. We carry out On Site Calibration without disturbing the Plant Process. Our Calibration Reports are up to International Standards.

Calibration Capabilities

 Pressure Calibration:

     Pressure Gauge
     Pressure Switch
     Pressure Transmitter
     Pressure Transducer
     Pressure Sensor
     Pressure Relief Valve
     Safety Valve
     Vacuum Gauge
     Absolute Pressure Gauge
     Compound Gauge
     Differential Pressure Gauge
     Differential Pressure Switch

Temperature / Humidity Calibration:

     Temperature Gauge
     Temperature Transmitter
     Temperature Switch
     Temperature Recorder
     Infrared Thermometer
     Drying Oven / Incubator
     Temperature Bath
     Temperature Indicator
     Temperature Controller
     Freezer / Chiller
     Muffle Furnace
     RH Meter
     Thermo Hygrometer
     Humidity Meter

 Electrical Calibration:

    Clamp Meter
    Decade Resistance Box
    Decade Capacitance Box
    Decade Inductance Box
    DC Power Supply Unit
    Gauss Meter

 Batching Plant Calibration

 Mass / Weight Calibration:

    Weighing Scale
    Platform Scale
    Table Top Scale
    Jewelry Scale 

 Glassware Calibration:

   Measuring Jar
   Sound Level Meter
   Moisture Meter

 Force / Torque Calibration:

    Torque Wrench
    Torque Screw Driver
    Torque Meter
    Universal Testing Machine
    Compression Strength Testing Machine
    Tensile Strength Testing Machine

 Dimension Calibration:

     Vernier Caliper
     Feeler Gauge
     Dial Gauge
     Feeler Gauge
     Slip Gauge Set
     Steel Rule
     Measuring Tape
     Depth Gauge
     Height Gauge

 Flow Calibration:

    Oil Flow Meter
    Multi Gas Flow Meter

    Air Flow Meter
    Water Flow Meter
    Flow Transmitter
    Flow Sensor
    Differential Flow Meter

 Other Calibration Services:

   PH Meter
   TDS Meter
   Shore 'A' Hardness Tester
   Thickness Tester
   Test Sieves

Contact Details:

    Calibration / Instrumentation Engineer
    P.O.Box: 41135, Salwa Road,
    Doha, Qatar.
    Mobile:  +974-5027 5788
    Mail:  gulfcalibrationlab@gmail.com

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